Berwick Pa. Race results

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Berwick Pa. Race results

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Just got back from the Berwick,Pa. race.Fantastic weather,good competition.
The good-- Chloe smoked the competition in ASH.Finished 2nd on Sat.[Half a second early on the start],First on Sunday,pulled away from the other drivers.
The bad--- None.
I know i have said this before,but the Kid can drive a race boat! She is confident,unafraid,but knows that speed has its responsibilities to her equipment and fellow drivers.When she gets out front,there are only a few east coast drivers that can catch her.She is out front alot.
Thanks to the JOMS supporters that help her get to where she is today.
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Re: Berwick Pa. Race results

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AS always GREAT.
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Re: Berwick Pa. Race results

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That's great news Joe! Please tell Chloe we are very proud of her and all the Sees Race Team!
Stan Augustine

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Re: Berwick Pa. Race results

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terrific & consistent :arrow:
Tom Brockmeyer
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Re: Berwick Pa. Race results

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Terrific news! Third year... Right? Chloe has never stopped making impressive progress and overcame a serious knee injury to get back in the boat this season!

I just got to put a 10yr old in an OMC 15A powered J Marathon runabout for his first four practice rides on Lake Lanier from my dock. His dad is Brent, who I sold a Brinkman 25XS powered marathon runabout 13 years ago and Brent had HIS first ever race boat ride from the exact same dock! Brent ended up winning the Top-O-Michigan Marathon in 25SMR after six tries! Those Northern guys were impressed by the Tampa, FL (now Atlanta) guy sticking it out and finally winning. His son, Mason, is a little timid, but made progress and hopefully completes his first Top-O marathon this August.

Watching the kids (and young ladies!) grow in the sport is a lot of fun when you have some small connection.

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Re: Berwick Pa. Race results

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Re: Berwick Pa. Race results

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Great job! icon_thumbup.gif
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