**Quin Roberts** Biography

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**Quin Roberts** Biography

Post by Michael »

Quin Roberts will begin his racing career in the 2016 season.

Quin is a third grader at Chester Academy (NH), and a Cub Scout.
He doesn't play with video games as much as Eli and is much happier outdoors.
He loves his bicycle, toy 4-wheeled vehicle and playhouse with newly attached "garage".
His primary extra-curricular activity (believe it or not) is antique outboards and boats.
He is crazy about the Whaler with almost any engine and loves to ride in fast boats such as the Powercat.
He is also very good at making plans and "engineering" test plans for both old boats.
They are usually, but not always, well thought out.
Whether he will make the transition to single seat hydroplanes remains to be seen.
He has an older brother (Eli, 12 APBA racer) and younger sister (6).
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Re: **Quin Campbell**

Post by Fingerlakeskid »

Hey Quin! I was about your age when I was allowed to use my family's rowboat with a 5hp outboard for the first time all by myself. I never forgot that thrill and fifty some years later I still love boats! You are going to have fun buddy! The faster you go, the more fun it is! Be careful and learn the right and SAFE way to do things. Don't be careless or take foolish chances as you can get hurt badly. Good luck with your racing Quin, you picked a great sport!
Stan Augustine

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Re: **Quin Campbell**

Post by Michael »

Great to see your getting into the racing....you have a head start on most new racers, grandpa is an expert crew chief already!
your JOM's team gear is on the way .....get us some photos

look forward to watching videos of you racing good luck icon_thumbup.gif
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Re: **Quin Campbell**

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Hi Quin! I sent you a package the other day. It's a part to keep you safe in your raceboat next year.

Let us all know how you are doing and what you think about starting your boat racing hobby.

Tom Brockmeyer
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Re: **Quin Campbell** Biography

Post by Chloe »

Hey Quin! Wanna wish you the best of luck for this upcoming season. Its great to hear that another young racer is getting a good start into the sport. You're joining a great team here at JOMS and have amazing guys supporting you. If you ever need anything at a race, just let me know. Mercsami and I will do everything we can to help. Welcome to the team!
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Re: **Quin Roberts** Biography

Post by LarryR »

Thanks, Chloe, we hadn't seen your comment before.

Quin's biography hasn't changed much.
He's added guitar to his resume and hasn't gained a lot of weight.
He's in fifth grade now and doing well at Chester Academy.
He added JSR to his race schedule this year and it has given him a lot of confidence, as opposed to last year.
That has carried over to his hydro driving, as well.
In fact, his APBA points total has increased almost tenfold over 2016.
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