Wizard Powermatic Super Ten WH-7

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Tom Murray
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Wizard Powermatic Super Ten WH-7

Post by Tom Murray »

Hello Merc and Wizard guys.
could someone tell me what year my WH-7 is? I can't seem to find any pictures or information on it. I 'am thinking its the same as the Mercury KH-7.
any information would be helpful. Thanks, Tom
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Re: Wizard Powermatic Super Ten WH-7

Post by JORZO »

I believe this is it
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Re: Wizard Powermatic Super Ten WH-7

Post by Bob »

Hi Tom, if your SN # falls in between these numbers 568118 and 572117 it’s a 1952. 4000 were made that year
If between 719044 and 719061 is a1953. 18 were made
If your SN# is none of the above I’ll look further into this.

Tom Brockmeyer
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Re: Wizard Powermatic Super Ten WH-7

Post by Tom Brockmeyer »

In the past I would have referred you to Jason Baxter's excellent Wizard Outboards website. He had lots of great pictures and technical literature including a cross reference for Wizard vs Mercury engine models/equivalents.

Yes, the WH-7 made in 1952 & 1953 is similar in specs & features to the KH-7, however the KH-7 was a one-year model and the 20ci integral tank, gearshift Wizard was available for multiple years under a couple model numbers

If anyone knows Jason, could you reach out to him to see if JOMS could pick up any of his old website here?

Here is the lastest archive of Jason's Wizard tech info page on his site (April 1, 2022)
https://web.archive.org/web/20210918142 ... hinfo.html
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