OMC Lawn Mowers that never die...well almost never

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OMC Lawn Mowers that never die...well almost never

Post by mercaholic »

My vintage Lawnboy mower (circa 1958) finally wouldn't start due to non spark condition.

I was handed this gem over 30yrs ago from a neighbor next door to my rental home. All I ever had to do was clean the air filter mesh, replace plugs, sharpen the blade and keep an in-line gas filter in place. With a prime, it always started easily and revved like a wild banshee on a 25:1 gas/oil mix as it had no factory throttle control.

So half way thru my yard grass cutting yesterday, it just shut down, no warning. I thought it was a fouled plug so pulled and replaced it but realized soon after it had no spark. Off came the flywheel to expose the ignition mag plate. Things looked quite original but dirty under there with a cracked coil and the original old condenser to boot.

Replacing everything may prove a challenge but I will persevere. But I am quite amazed that this mower ran so long on a cracked coil and original condenser all in over 70yrs of miserable outdoor storage weather conditions.

Anyone have similar experiences or can explain how it lasted so long ?
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Re: OMC Lawn Mowers that never die...well almost never

Post by Michael »

things were built to last back then

I bought a new troybuilt 2 years ago.... keep in mind I live in Oregon so summers are short so it only gets used maybe 16 times a year..... during the first season/year a pop-it compression release valve broke ...I had to pull the motor then the cam to replace it also caused the starter to burn up trying to start it with compression release valve broken...( when the starter goes is usually how you know the valve broke :roll:

this year the drive belt had to be replaced it had about 30 cracks in it and stretched due to the cracks, it also began to blow smoke particularly during first start up....makes me think valve stems

also this year the key switch has gone jenky and I will need to order a new one and the fuel filter is of poor quality ....I suspect dirt in the carb this week....... as it quit a couple times yesterday

I didnt get a lemon they are like this....when watching youtube videos on replacing the compression release valve and drive belt I find everyones comments are the same .....they are like old run them a couple hours will require new parts and some wrenching [swearing.gif]
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Re: OMC Lawn Mowers that never die...well almost never

Post by squirrelboydeluxe »

I have a 1976 Lawn Boy that I got used. It was like brand new- it still had the plastic bag with the paperwork taped to the handle. I just mowed today with it. It has had one set of points in it's life. After sitting all winter it starts on the 2nd pull. squirrelboy
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