1957 Manhattan Marathon

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A/B Speedliner

1957 Manhattan Marathon

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Here is a link to my brother Alan at the Manhattan Marathon in 1957. He is in the 23N Speedliner I am in the checkered shirt hold the boat from the dock. The race started at the Val Ray Boat club located at the foot of 125th Street on the east side of Manhattan.

It is only a short clip but is all our father took. He never attended another boat race or car race with us. If you go to the link you can also see one with Alan working on our race car.

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Re: 1957 Manhattan Marathon

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Pretty awesome. I was three in 57 and I thought I grew up during a pretty cool era. Look what I missed! Just great stuff David. icon_thumbup.gif
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Re: 1957 Manhattan Marathon

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Here is a repost of the video taken by our father. My previous post of the video has gone dead.

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