Quin's first race

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Quin's first race

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Here is Quin in one of his first three events. He finished all heats with two 4ths and one 5th. (Five boats)
After seeing him a week earlier, I had doubts about his ability to finish, but he gave the boot to all the demons :twisted: :twisted: and performed well.
Starts will probably be a challenge all season, but his attitude is in the right place.
Quin at speed 1.png
Here he is getting congratulated icon_clap.gif by his cousin Isabel and several of his fellow Region 1 racers. A truly great group of kids.
Isabel congrats to Quin.jpg
The two older girls without the orange gear are tough competitors in AXH icon_thumbup.gif .
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Re: Quin's first race

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Good job!

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