Carolon Compression Hosiery


Multi-Layer Stocking System. Precise Compression

Overstocking and Understocking are designed to work together to provide clinically appropriate compression. Available in 30-40mmHg (A6531) or 40-50mmHg (A6532). Understocking can be worn alone during sleep to provide 15-20mmHg while patient is recumbent. Sizes A-G (see sizing chart) Colors beige and black (black not available in F and G)

Ease of Application

Application and removal are more easily facilitated since compression is divided between two layers. The fabric on the Overstocking has been specifically designed to slide comfortably over the Understocking. The advanced Multi-Layer Stocking provides accurate compression, proven healing performance, superior patient compliance and allows the patient to take part in the application of their own compression therapy.

A Transition to Healing

The Multi-Layer Stocking System is not intended to be a replacement for conventional compression wraps but rather should be used as a transition to healing.After edema has been stabilized, the Multi-Layer Stockings should be prescribed so that patients may begin to take part in the application of their own compression therapy.

The Understocking Features Cupron Copper Yarn technology

Fabric made with copper oxide impregnated yarn has been shown to :
kill odor causing bacteria and fungi
improve skin appearance
help prevent cross contamination
non-toxic, non sensitive, non irritating to the skin
be affective for the life of the garment and unaffected by washing and drying.


In under 24 hours laboratory testing of copper oxide in the fabric reduced bacteria and fungus.
Source: AATCC test method 100 - 2004 antibacterial finishes on textile materials.